Test Case 2

Modifying Picture Attributes.

I have not found a mechanism in the iPad where I could modify picture attributes. Thus all modifications to pictures are being done from the website.

This picture is from test case one but I added a caption to it. As I mentioned, I went to the web tool and added the caption, then came back in to the iPad app and inserted the picture.

But you probably can’t see the caption. I researched this and it seems that the theme I have chosen does not display the caption text. I’m OK with this, and I’m in no mood to comb through themes to try to find one that does everything I want and displays the caption. But if I ever do run across such a theme, I will certainly switch to it.

So for my site, I will be in the discipline of adding caption to all of my pictures. If nothing else, it makes it easy for me to remember where the pictures come from.

So now I’m going to take the same picture as above and modify the aspect three times.

Here, I have changed the aspect from free to 16:9 <whoa, I just crashed when I went to insert media from the app. Nothing was lost>

Interesting that the modified picture is not showing up in the app where I am typing this, but the other images do.

Anyway, I restored it to original and changed the aspect from free to 4:3


I did another restore original then changed the aspect from free to 3:2

Everything looks good except I still can’t see that 16:9 pic in the preview. Now mind you, I am making multiple updates to the same vision here without publishing. I decided to see if I could see it from the iPhone app and learned something interesting: the revisions don’t show up so apparently they are stored locally on the device. Which is kind of what you would expect when you think about it, hence “offline” editing. Anyway, I’m going to convert it again and repost here:

Well now I see it but some of the others have disappeared. I wonder if it’s a function of the preview on these revisions. I’m going to go ahead and publish now and see if the problem goes away.

OK I get it now. We were modifying the same copy of a picture and the system is only keeping one copy. Thus, whenever I make a change to it, it only has that copy for use. At any rate the other aspects of it good just varying levels of zoom.

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