Stockholm, Sweden (stats courtesy Wikipedia)
Pop City Proper: 935,619
Metro Pop: 2,226,795
Municipality: 188 km2 (73 sq mi)
Density: 5,000/km2 (13,000/sq mi)
Elevation: 0 m (0 ft)
Weather: Very cold winters, mild summers
Warm season: May – Sep
Language: Swedish, English is very common
Currency: Even though Sweden is in the EU, they do not accept the euro or any currency other than the Swedish crown (SEK). But they are very modern in that all restaurants, grocery stores, etc prefer credit card over cash.

What’s so special?
Intellectual, fashionable, and very cultural. More than 100 museums, some world renowned. Picturesque, stately beauty of a city on the Baltic. Magnificent palaces, exquisite restaurants, unforgettable boat tours. By mid summer, over 18 hours of daylight per day!

As you may know by now, my wife and I are US expats currently living in Stockholm. So this particular journal is not just for tourists visiting Stockholm, but also for locals looking for things to do and ideas for day trips.

There is so much to do in Stockholm that I can’t possibly just lump it all under one journal called Stockholm. So I have put together an index of all the places I have documented so far (and the list keeps growing). Please click below to see the index:

The Travelin’ Man’s Guide to Stockholm

I will also be setting up a journal under Sweden called Stockholm Restaurants. Whether you’re a tourist or you live in Stockholm, and you are looking for things to do, definitely click on the follow button below since I am adding a lot of Stockholm material. This way you would be notified, but only when I add something new.

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