JUL 2017 Newsletter

Hello out there beta testers! Firstly, thank you all for your continued support and for all the help and suggestions.

This is an attempt for me to set up a way to communicate to members without having to actually “publish” a story.

So if you get this, it means I was successful! The other thing I wanted to tell you was that there is soooooo much content coming in now for Stockholm that it has made me rethink the implementation a little to make it easier to access. I’m going to be adding a new button called “Stockholm“. It will be next to the “Destinations” button at the very top level.

Once it’s all done, the Stockholm button will cascade down with grouped articles and a clickable index to better navigate through them. But I don’t have a development area and cannot implement it in one step.

So if you are ticking around on the site, please be aware it is undergoing a bit of remodeling and the Stockholm areas may behave a bit oddly until I’m done.

If all goes well for the newsletter stuff, there will be a very subtle link at the far bottom of the page called “Newsletters ” where hopefully all the newsletters get published in case our non-members browsing the page want to see what’s going on.

And I am backlogged with a ton of material (thanks Brandi). So as soon as I get this restructuring done, brace yourself for a bunch of new and exciting articles of Stockholm.

See you out there –JC

4 thoughts on “JUL 2017 Newsletter

  1. Best part about the blog thus far is your introduction to make sure you match your target audience. Your likes/dislikes/ travel budget and suggestions about to go/what to eat is completely in line with your intro. I also really like the food pictures to go with the restaurant suggestions, as well as the scenery photos to show what you’re describing when you have traveled to a specific destination.

    I think we may shake it up a bit when we’re there with our kid and make you post a few “family friendly” suggestions!!!


    1. I try to include the pictures and pricing, but not always successful. And you are right about your visit, we are preparing for hurricane Joe! Haha.


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