Bordeaux Riverboat Cruise

Bordeaux Riverboat Cruise

Hi folks,

Just wanted to let you know, The Travelin’ Man is on the move! Later this week we will embark on a delicious riverboat cruise through the world renowned vineyards of France. Don’t worry, I´ll take lots of pictures and describe the beautiful vineyards, castles, and towns that we visit. Follow with us as we venture deep into the prestigious wine cellars and sample some of the best wine in Europe.

But despite the sound of that, I insist that I am not a wine snob. I hope to be some day, and trips like this will certainly help. So I will be documenting from a true layman´s perspective.

I will probably be submitting five or six articles total, mostly oriented around the towns you see highlighted on the map. These articles will be permanently posted up on the website. Just click on the Destinations button and select France. The articles will eventually be archived there.

So get ready, it’s going to be a great time!!!

-The Travelin’ Man



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