Category: Basic Formatting

Testing Text

Heading Type1

And some regular text.

Heading type 2

With some bullets:

  • Bullet 1
  • Bullet 2

Note the bullets indented on their own, like the spacing on paragraphs. I can’t control either. Looks there, in the editor they are indented but in preview mode they aren’t.

But here something intentionally indented. I wonder why this font looks different?

What if I un-indent, does the funny font go away?

Some red Text!

What about after the red text?


Test case 1

I want to see if I can make revisions to a post prior to publishing it.

This is the first revision. No special text or pics.

There are not buttons or obvious ways to create a revision so I am going to abandon it and see if it saves it automatically.

So far so good. I have two other test cases, 2 and 3. 2 has already posted and 3 is still being revised.

Ok this is the final revision. Looks like it all worked as it should!

Test case 3

This is still linked to test case 1. This one should not show up right away as I want to also do revisions on it so I would have two different posts with revisions underway that had not published.

Ok this is a revision update. Going to publish this now.

Test case 2

I have another test post that is testing revisions. I am posting this one ahead of that one to see if it goes through.

We’ll call this one test case 2 and the other one test case 1.

I am editing this test case. I see now I have two revisions underway. I will see if I can update them and still not post.