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Test Case 0 – Graphical Formatting

I am making a test case zero that will help summarize the things which I plan to test in this suite. Unless otherwise stated, all of this will be done from the iPad app. The only reason I will sway from that is if the app can’t handle something or if it’s just too cumbersome.

  1. Post a picture with some basic text, no caption.
  2. Edit the properties (scale, aspect, etc) of a picture and include a caption.
  3. Drastically decrease the size of a picture and post it with text on the right-hand side of it.

Results for Basic Formatting Test Suite

Overall the testing was successful. The solution I determined if I want to use the iPad was to use the WordPress app on the iPad to make story updates. This ensures no data gets lost if there are network issues and it allows the most flexibility for formatting text.  Also, the editor on the app is much better than the one in the browser and it allows me to dictate text which I am a big fan of. However, I have not yet determined how to use a spellchecker on the app. But the iPad has a pretty decent built-in spellchecker.

What didn’t work so well was importing text into the web browser or into the app itself from anything. I tried importing from Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and Evernote. But none of them were acceptable.

The testing has become so elaborate that I feel I need to start organizing it for future reference. I will attempt to do this through the use of categories and tags. Test cases thus far which are 1 through 11 will be moved into a category called basic formatting or some such.