Test Case 10 (Success and Solution)

Reading online, looks like the best option for me is to use the WordPress app. It is supposed to be “offline” by default and WYSIWYG. So I am going to experiment with this for a bit. After I type this sentence, I am going to force kill the app without saving and see what happens.

Ok that didn’t work. Fortunately I had done a select-all/copy. But OK maybe that wasn’t a realistic test. A better test would be for me to kill the network connection instead but leave the app alone although in the background.

Ok the pad is now in airplane mode and everything looks ok. Turning the network back on now. Now let’s try the usual formatting.

Here are some bullets:

  • Bullet1
  • Bullet2

Bold text

Italic text.

Not sure how to get red text, whoops I hit post by accident, but it looks like the test worked. So it looks like my best solution for editing data without the risk of losing it is to use the app on the iPad.

However this brings back some previously answered questions about revisions. The other question I have is that sometimes on the iPad apps seem to work OK one left in the background. But one left in the background for a long period of time, sometimes the data gets lost.

Since revisions don’t work on an already existing post, I will have to create a new test case for this.

I am also having some issues positioning the cursor within the text to make changes in different places. This is frustrating. I may download another word blog editing app to see if it works better than this one.

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