Quick Update

Hello all,

Just wanted to send you a quick note about some recent changes to the blog. The list of “Tours” under Stockholm was getting too long, so I broke out all the boat rides and cruises and gave them their own category (still under Stockholm).

I also moved the article about Fjäderholmarna Island under the “Boat Rides and Cruises” list. But here’s the great news, when I moved that article, it occurred to me the article was one of my fisrt and wasn’t really up to the high standards of The Travelin’ Man! So I have completely gutted it and restructured it, and I added reviews of the restaurants, including the ones we went to with Melissa and Brandi while they were here, and there are a ton of new pics, so please give it a read and see what you think. Click here to see it now.

THANKS ALL and have a great day!

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