Are we Primal Citizens?

Hello fellow travelers, bloggers, and Facebook friends. First and foremost, I hope you and your loved ones are keeping out of harms way during this trying time. Obviously, we have not been traveling much of late, other than to get toilet paper and hand sanitizer! Hopefully your supplies are good as well!

So what does the Travelin’ Man do during a viral apocalypse? Well he writes a book about it! Seriously, I did! But thankfully, our apocalypse will never be as bad as the one in my book. Mine is the result of a nuclear war, and I have actually worked on it for over a year.

And what better way to pass the time than read a great book about an IT geek turned hero in the badlands of a nuclear apocalypse!? So in support of all my friends out there looking for something to do during their stay-at-home time, I am offering you the book for FREE! But the offer is only good for this weekend. It starts on Saturday morning – that’s tomorrow!

I ask only one thing in return, please leave a review on Amazon.  All you need is a Kindle or the Kindle app on your phone, pad, or PC (the app is free, too). You should be able to get to the book by clicking here, but it might not work. If not head out to Amazon, search for “Primal Citizen” or my name, “J.C. Marx”, download your copy, then follow-up with a review after you have read it.

The free book sale only applies to this weekend!

For all my Facebook friends that already have it but have not submitted a review, PLEASE get out there and do it today! I really need the reviews people!

To submit a review, go back to Amazon and click on the book like you did when you got it. On that page there will be a link to submit a review. You may have to scroll down a little bit to see the link. It usually shows up past all the reviews listed on the page. You can also go to your “Orders” page. It is a button on the browser bar that will say “Orders” or on some “Returns and Orders”. Click there and you will see a chance to write reviews for any orders you have placed.

Free book from an author that you know, spend five minutes writing a review – that’s it!

Thank you and stay safe out there!!!


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