Free Book Reminder

Hi folks, just a quick, friendly reminder that today is the last chance for your FREE copy of “Primal Citizen”. Click here to download it directly into your Kindle app or device. If the link doesn’t work head out to Amazon, search for “Primal Citizen” or my name, “J.C. Marx”, and download your free copy.

And please don’t forget to leave me a review after you’re finished reading. That is all I ask in return for giving you the book for free.

To submit a review, go back to Amazon and click on the book like you did when you got it. On that page there will be a link to submit a review. You may have to scroll down a little bit to see the link. It usually shows up past all the reviews listed on the page. You can also go to your “Orders” page. It is a button on the browser bar that will say “Orders” or on some “Returns and Orders”. Click there and you will see a chance to write reviews for any orders you have placed.

Thank you all for your support. We will be traveling again soon, so stay tuned!

-The Travelin’ Man

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